Achieve Financial Independence in the New Year


The new year has arrived, it’s time to start everything with a new start. Do you have a resolution in 2017? If you already have a resolution, make sure it is not only designed but also realized so that it is not just a mere display. Even so, did you also enter the financial resolution for this year? Financial resolution is often overlooked, even if you have a clear resolution in financial matters, it is not impossible that you can achieve financial independence this year.

What Is Financial Independence?

What Is Financial Independence?

Of course there is no definite definition, because the definition of financial independence possessed by one person is not the same as the other. There are people who can be said to be independent with a certain nominal value, but that is not necessarily enough for others. Not to mention the assumption of people who argue that new financial independence can be obtained if someone has a certain asset or investment. Again, that is not yet the right benchmark. There is no definite standard, because basically spending, lifestyle, and the need for money in a certain nominal amount between one person and another person is different.

Then for those who still have debt, does that mean that the person also has not received financial independence? Of course, you should again see whether the debt includes productive debt or consumer debt. For those who have productive debt (for example for business, mortgage / KKB investment) and still regularly repay the installments per month, the person may be considered financially independent. Unlike those who have debts piled up without being able to pay off the remaining installments.

Basically, to see financial independence there are many things that must be considered, including seeing the smoothness of debt, lifestyle, ability to maintain assets, etc. An example like this: A person named A with an income of 20 million rupiah / month has a considerable expenditure for pursuing a high-class lifestyle, so that he is no longer able to save. Not to mention there are still mortgage repayments in the bank that are in arrears and no more money left to be allocated to pay the installments.

Compare that with someone named B who earns 6 million rupiah / month, he is still able to save even up to 3 million rupiah / month, and has a credit card for shopping. Credit card payments are always smooth every month and are never in arrears. Approximately which one can be called financially independent? Of course B, because he has a smooth debt, is still able to save, and finances his daily life, even though the salary is smaller than A.


How To Get Resolution To Reach Achieved Financial Independence?


How To Get Resolution To Reach Achieved Financial Independence?

  • Take advantage of the Year-End Bonus and THR that are Still Remaining
    If you still have a bonus or THR remaining in the end of the year, then it’s good to be allocated in achieving financial independence. If you still have poor control in controlling expenses, it is better to save the remaining bonuses and THR for safekeeping. Vice versa, if there are still debts that are still running and must be repaid, then don’t hesitate to allocate a certain amount of funds so that the debt continues to run smoothly without needing to be in arrears. (Also Read: THR Can Help You Get Out of Debt Problems)
  • Ready to look for additional income
    After realizing there are many expenses or installments that must be paid, then it’s good for you too prepare yourself for additional income. This method can be done for example by joining an MLM program, registering a referral program, or even utilizing a seasonal business (if any). Another way that can be used to get additional income to be able to achieve financial independence in the new year is to become a freelancer . Currently there are many job provider sites for freelancers , for example UpWork, Sribulancer, Projects, etc.
  • Take advantage of the Relief Program
    For those of you whose financial resolution to achieve financial independence in their new year still has obstacles in the form of delinquent debt, then you can take advantage of a bank relief program to be free from this problem. The bank provides a relief program that you can get, usually the program can be a discounted discount in one payment, low-interest installments with an extended tenor, or a combination of both. Of course to take advantage of the program, there are advantages and disadvantages and must be tailored to your needs.
    To get this relief program, you can use a debt management service company , usually consultants in the company already have good experience and relationships with the bank so that the program results can be negotiated and adjusted to your financial capabilities. In addition, debt management companies are usually also able to empower you to get enough education so that they are able to provide solutions about steps that need to be taken to increase income or reduce expenditure.

When is the best time to achieve financial independence?


When is the best time to achieve financial independence?

There is no better time than doing it now. You have to know exactly what just what to do and what is prepared so that the new year’s resolution in achieving financial independence can be achieved immediately. So, if you currently have obstacles in achieving financial independence in the new year, don’t delay. Complete the problem now too, if there is a lack of income, don’t delay to look for a side job. Likewise if you are still blocked because of the disturbing shadow of debt. Immediately pay off the debt, take advantage of the relief program so that you are able to pay off the remaining debt in arrears with relief.

To overcome this, you can use a debt management service company to be able to provide you with solutions in the form of debt negotiations and education so that you are also able to take advantage of situations such as to increase income or reduce expenses. One of the things you can use is Jules Maigret.

Jules Maigret international is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Jules Maigret Indonesia helps clients through a debt management program, specifically designed according to different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. The Jules Maigret Indonesia headquarters was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. Jules Maigret made Indonesia the center of operations as well as a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Jules Maigret Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to get accreditation from the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) .

What are you waiting for, get a new year’s resolution by getting your financial independence right now!


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