Is Your Credit Submission Denied? Maybe this is the reason

Has your bank loan ever been rejected by the bank? Or many times a credit proposal but it ends nil? This could be due to the history of your past debt payments to the bank, which has an impact on the trust of the bank to you at this time. Usually banks can check the level of smoothness of your loan payments in the past through Historical IDI. Want to know more about Historical IDI? Let’s discuss this article.

Individual Historical Debtor Information (commonly called Historical IDI) is a report produced by the Debtor Information System. All data summarized in the Historical IDI is collected by the Credit Information Bureau under the auspices of Bank Indonesia (BI). IDI History summarizes the track record of payments that you have made in the past 24 months. The main function of this report is that financial institutions such as the bank where you apply for a loan can find out whether your loan payments in the past have been smooth or have been problematic. In other words, this report can help the Bank to see whether you are a prospective debtor who deserves a loan or not.

Then what’s the effect on me?

Then what

Of course if you have a good report, you can more easily get a new loan, and vice versa.

Both individuals and business entities can obtain a Historical IDI to find out their track record. However, there are several requirements that must be met to obtain a Historical IDI. For individual communities, it is enough to submit a photocopy of original self-identity, namely the National Identity Card / KTP or Temporary Stay Permit Card / KITAS. But it’s different if you want to apply for a historical IDI for a business entity. You must complete several documents and pay attention to several things such as:

  • Photocopy of the identity of the business entity (company deed of establishment and amendment to the latest articles of association which contain the composition and authority of the board)

  • Photocopy of identity (KTP or KITAS) from the management submitting a request for Historical IDI

  • The original identity of the business entity or photocopy of the identity of the business entity that has been legalized

  • Original identity of the management who submitted the request for Historical IDI

  • Historical IDI requests on behalf of a business entity can be authorized to an official or employee of the company. The power recipient is required to submit the original power of attorney, the original identity and photocopy of the giver and recipient of the power of attorney, and the legitimate identity of the business entity / photocopy of the identity of the business entity. Basically you only need to submit an application to see IDI Historical data, then the officers and financial institutions member of the Credit Information Bureau will look for that information (BI Checking). Historical IDI will be given in hard copy.  

  • If there is a difference between the authorized management composition in accordance with the company’s articles of association with the data contained in the SID, then the request for Historical IDI cannot be fulfilled.

Then after fulfilling the requirements, you can submit a request to the following alternatives:

  1. Through Financial Institutions (for example: banks that are members of the Credit Information Bureau)

  2. Through the Bank Indonesia Info Store, or the local Bank Indonesia office.

    Bank Indonesia Info Shop – Sjafruddin Prawiranegara Tower

    Jln. MH Thamrin No. 2, Lt. Basic. Jakarta 10350

    Every working day, 08.30-15.00 WIB (rest: Monday – Thursday, 11.00 – 13.00 WIB and Friday, 11.00 – 13.30 WIB)

  3. Through online: You can fill in the form on the official BI website. If the data you fill in is deemed appropriate, then you will be informed that your data can be retrieved at the Bank Indonesia Info Store on the specified day & time.


So now you know more about historical IDI, right? Still doubtful about the score you have? Try submitting your Historical IDI request now. You can also read your Historical IDI through the following guide.

Note: As of January 2018, the entire BI Checking process to obtain a Historical IDI can no longer be accessed through Bank Indonesia. You can get it through the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in the Financial Information Service System (SLIK)

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